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Welcome to our Customer Service Center. performs billing and certain administrative functions for the many financial websites owned by Online Investment Services, LP.

If you have a charge on your credit card from - CO - 866-756-2656 that means that you are a member of one of the following subscription ($) services:

I must admit, your Group is the most thorough, honest and accurate service I have seen. The customer service department is second to none.

Recognizing your fine work!

Doug Kay

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If you have a question, you may contact Customer Service by filling out the comment box on this page.

Disputed Charges
Please contact us if you believe that we made an error in the billing process. We will provide you with full details of your billing with us. Specifically, we will provide exact dates of your registration, the end date of your free trial period, the date you provided notice of termination, and the dates we billed your credit card. If we made an error, we will refund the charges. Do not dispute the charge with your credit card company. Disputed items waste our resources, and they also require us to absorb additional fees from the credit card company. Therefore, if you elect to "dispute" the charge through your credit card company and our records indicate that we billed you properly, then we will assign your contract to The National Bureau Collection Corporation. At such time, we will no longer be able to communicate with you regarding your dispute and the item will appear on your credit report until payment is satisfied.

Note: Please note that Paragraph 4 of your agreement with us states that you authorize us to automatically charge your credit card every period (ie, monthly, yearly etc...) until canceled by you in writing (ie, by email, fax, mail). Since you can easily contact us by using the "Contact Us" feature on all of our websites, there is no excuse for not providing us notice of your cancellation desires. We consider the disputing of charges highly unethical and take such matters seriously. We regret that we have the need to assign account collections over to a collection agency, however, when we believe we have been the victim of theft of services such actions are necessary.

Annual Renewals: We send a notice 30 days prior to annual renewals reminding you that your charge is coming soon. Nonetheless, we realize it is easy to forget annual renewals. Do not dispute the charge with your credit card company. Simply contact us within a reasonable time frame after you notice the annual renewal on your monthly credit card statement and we will provide a full refund.